“My coaching sessions with Cathy has allowed me to be intentionally focused on my overall leadership goals, have clarity of strategic objectives for a major program initiative, and has helped me become better organized so I work efficiently and effectively.”

“When I first heard about coaching, I was a skeptic and knew it wouldn’t work for me. To my surprise, after only spending 3 sessions, I experienced a breakthrough with a struggle that had hindered me for two years. Cathy helped me identify the root cause of the issue so I could start moving forward again as a leader. Now, I address issues at work with a positive approach that has ultimately alleviate my stress. My coaching experience with Cathy has made a dramatic impact on how I approach leadership challenges both professionally and personally.”

“Cathy has kept me on track implementing a new branch of my business by coaching me through meeting deadlines and keeping my mission and vision in the forefront. Her coaching style has helped me gain confidence, self-awareness and motivated me to continue to move forward in accomplishing my leadership goals.”