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ACS offers Leadership Coaching to women who are executives, managers, supervisors and aspiring leaders in any position who desire to be better Leaders and want to grow personally and professionally.   I use solution-focused approach to emphasize what a client wants to achieve as their goal.  Clients are asked questions about their goals in order to clarify a vision.  What is it you really want? How are you going to get there? What challenges/obstacles are in your way? What happens once you do get there?  How success is measured and celebrated? Solution-focused coaching encourages introspection, self-evaluation, different perspectives, resources available, clear goal setting, action plan, and gaining a richer understanding of client’s own choices personally and professionally, while moving towards accomplishing goal.
In addition, value-based approach is used to assist the client to recognize their values.  Understanding values are at the heart of one motivation.  If a client knows what is important to them, they will act and make decisions which are consistent with their values and are likely to be motivated to accomplish their goal.  Clients are questioned to clarify and identify their values, understand what motivates them and why,  uncover resistances to change behavior, better define goals and steps to realize results, and take actions that are consistent with what is important to them to accomplish their goals.  Coaching is all about the client and driven by the client to empower the client to realize professional and personal success over and over again!
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