Public Statistics of Executive Coaching

Public Statistics of Executive Coaching
A study of 100 executives, from mostly Fortune 1000 companies using coaching, showed executives reported the following percentage benefits from the coaching they received:
Increased productivity – 53%
Increased customer service – 39%
Retention of executives – 32%
Reduction in costs – 23%
Increased bottom-line profitability – 22%
Organizational strength – 48%
Statistics on the Benefits and ROI of Coaching published in the Manchester Review, 2001, Vol. 6, 1 (Jan. 16,2001)

Tangible benefits from coaching showed the following results for a large range of companies:

New or improved skills – 50%
Work relationships within a team – 50%
Seeing others’ perspectives – 47%
Clarity in work life – 43%
Increased motivation – 43%
Improved atmosphere – 40%
Sales and revenue – 23%
Obtained goals – 20%
Statistics on the Benefits of Coaching – a survey reported from Clear Coaching Limited, February 2007

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