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Meet Cathy

Cathy is an Executive and Leadership Coach approaching a decade of experience, over three decades as an Acquisition Professional, and over two decades of leadership and mentoring experience. She has a Bachelors in Technology and Management, and Masters in Contract and Procurement Management. She has completed several leadership and management training programs throughout the years.

Cathy has the unique ability to connect with leaders and encourage them to strive and persevere. Her passion is to inspire clients to develop personally and professionally. Cathy herself is driven by seeing clients transform for the better, and she gets excited seeing their progress and accomplishments as they reach their goals.

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PCC, Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

CPCC, Certified Professional Christian Coach, Christians Coaches Network International

CMC, Certified Master Coach, Center for Coaching Certification

Certified Coach Trainer, Center for Coaching Certification

Diversity and Equity Certification, Center for Coaching Certification

EQ-I 2.0/EQ360 Certified

Certified Master Facilitator, Center for Executive Coaching

CAC, Certified Advanced Coach, Executive and Leadership Specialist, Center for Coaching Certification


ACTO, Association of Coach Training Organizations

CCNI, Christian Coaches Network Institute

ICF, International Coach Federation, Adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics

Vision Globe


Premier Executive and Leadership coaching experience for the leader who aspires to thrive personally and professionally.

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To provide client-focused, value-based, and solution-driven coaching services that inspires and empowers leaders to reach their aspirations.

Core Values


Integrity, Altruism, Competence, Professionalism, and Results. These are my guiding principles behind all that we do.

Ready to Get Started?

My Approach

As an Executive and leadership coach, I am passionate about helping leaders develop personally and professionally. It’s my belief that an outstanding coach should do whatever they can to help their clients transform their lives for the better as they work on accomplishing their desired goals.

My dedication to coaching grew from a wonderful experience of being coached myself. As I grew more and more as an effective leader, I became better equipped to be successful in addressing challenges in my organization, relationships, and personal life.

Through coaching, I’ve learned techniques that allowed me to navigate many professional and personal situations with increased confidence, determination, patience, and perseverance. This path had its ups and downs as I experienced the weight and joy of my transformational journey, but it was worth it to accomplish my goals and ultimately run a successful Executive and Leadership Coaching business.

My experiences left me with an appreciation of the value of a professional coach trained in the coaching process who skillfully spurs one to develop and grow. A trained coach will help their clients significantly grow and transform into a better self on all levels: professional, personal, emotional, and in my case, also spiritually.

The Executive and Leadership coaching process is all about the client, to empower them to:

  • Envision a positive perspective
  • Keep moving forward
  • Explore and discover oneself
  • Define their desired goals
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges
  • Maximize resources and support
  • Determine steps and develop a success plan
  • Live out their new reality courageously
  • Assess and evaluate the results and their transformation
  • And finally, celebrate their accomplishments
My greatest strength as a coach is supporting overwhelmed leaders to be equipped and confident in decision making, strategic thinking, team performance, navigating ambiguity, and prioritizing successfully. I have partnered with clients who are struggling with many pressing challenges and the weight of being an effective and thriving leader.  Through my personalized coaching approach, I watched clients go from being overwhelmed and stressed to feeling confident making key decisions, thinking strategically, being proactive navigating ambiguity on their terms, satisfied with their ideal work-live experience, and ecstatic by team performance results. 


"My coaching sessions with Cathy has allowed me to be intentionally focused on my overall leadership goals, have clarity of strategic objectives for a major program initiative, and has helped me become better organized so I work efficiently and effectively."
Johnathan Harris
The House DC
"Cathy has kept me on track implementing a new branch of my business by coaching me through meeting deadlines and keeping my mission and vision in the forefront. Her coaching style has helped me gain confidence, self-awareness and motivated me to continue to move forward in accomplishing my leadership goals."
Crystal Basped
2nd 2 None
"When I first heard about coaching, I was a skeptic and knew it wouldn't work for me. To my surprise, after only spending 3 sessions, I experienced a breakthrough with a struggle that had hindered me for two years. Cathy helped me identify the root cause of the issue so I could start moving forward again as a leader. Now, I address issues at work with a positive approach that has ultimately alleviate my stress. My coaching experience with Cathy has made a dramatic impact on how I approach leadership challenges both professionally and personally."
Barbara Leathers
BL Child Welfare Investigative Services