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It has been suggested that life is a long series of problems to be solved that only ends when your life is over. The reality, thankfully, isn’t quite so grim, but life is full of challenges and inconveniences. The circumstances will vary, but the process you use for overcoming these obstacles can be consistent.

If you have a routine process in place, you lessen the drama that dilemmas can create!

Try this simple, yet effective process:

1. Stay Positive

It’s easy to slide into a negative attitude every time something doesn’t go according to plan. Unfortunately, negative thinking makes you less likely to try and figure out the best solution; it can blind you! Instead, view challenges as puzzles to be solved. Don’t ever expect everything to go exactly as planned, but hold onto hope that everything will be fine in the end.

2. Define the Ideal Solution

Avoid aiming too low. It’s easy to merely survive during a trying circumstance, but can you do better? Can you find an opportunity to make your situation even better than it was before? Use your challenge as a stepping stone to something even greater.

3. Break Down the Issue

A massive problem is more often than not smaller issues stacked on top of one another. You can enhance your ability to focus and avoid anxiety by dealing with the issue at hand one step at a time. Remember, ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!’ As you keep minimizing the scope of each step of the issue, you’ll feel more confident and gain valuable momentum to keep you going until the finish line.

4. Stay Focused on Solutions

Avoid worrying about the future. Spend your time finding the best solution right now. Once you find a good solution, look for an even better one. Keep looking until you’re confident you can’t do better. Remember, however, to give yourself enough time to act effectively.

5. Get Help

There are plenty of people that can lend a helping hand. Whether it’s delegating tasks or brainstorming some big solutions, the best things in life always happen when people come together to collaborate. If a friend needed help, you’d hate for them to feel awkward asking you. Be the brave one to reach out and ask first.

6. Be Prepared for the Worst Possible Outcome

Imagine following through on your situation with your latest solution. What new problems arise? What worked, and what didn’t? Sit down for a collaborative brainstorm to try and get the kinks out of the system before you actually implement it. Before choosing a solution, have remedies or preventative measures in place to counteract whatever might go wrong.

7. Put All Your Energy Into Implementing Your Solution

Keep yourself laser-focused on the target and execute your plan step by step. Take note of how things are working, and adjust accordingly. If you’ve given your solution time to play out and things still aren’t working, it’s back to the drawing board. Don’t give up! Persevere through these trying circumstances and you’ll be glad you didn’t give up in the end.

Solve challenges and overcome small and big obstacles in life by using a defined process. In the end, life is made richer by all the bumps and bruises we encounter along the way. Problems grow and stretch us to make us who we were always meant to be.

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